Population estimation by Harvest-based Bayesian Estimation models

Statistical data analysis used to derive the most plausible population estimation by combining various parameters and using data collected from hunting records or monitoring records. It is often used for a large-scale population estimation (ex. prefecture-level or larger) rather than local-scale estimation.

Decision Support System

The system which provides supportive information based on technical data analysis of various information gathered by government, which is often used in the course of decision making process.

Dissecting analysis of hunted and captured wildlife

Techniques such as examining reproductive organs of captured wildlife or counting number of growth rings of teeth or horns can provide us valuable information on age and reproductive stage of captured animals, which could potentially reflect the population pyramid of local group or population of the species.

Genetic diversity analysis

Analysis of genetic diversity using samples (ex. hair follicles, blood sample) collected from captured wildlife.


Hybridization analysis of native and exotic species

It is a technique often used for macaques to identify the degree of hybridization between native and exotic species using DNA analysis.

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